Collaborative Furniture

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Airea 2-3 Days


The Airea pod system provides an alternative for private sp..

Air³ 2-3 Days


The Air³ combines new materials with a wider range of finishes and the most advanced room system on ..

Away From The Desk 2-3 Days

Away From The Desk

AftD answers the need for more diverse configurations for both personal work and teamwork. Multiple..

Axyl Collection 2-3 Days

Axyl Collection

Axyl is a seating collection offering a sophisticated combination of reco..

Axyl Table 2-3 Days

Axyl Table

Axyl tables are exceptionally robust for continued use in high impact areas. They have been des..

Ballo In Stock


Ballo is a multipurpose stool which is fun, engaging and perfect for short-term, active sitting in ..

Ben 2-3 Days


A harmonious combination of both traditional and modern, Be..

Bill 2-3 Days


The Bill stool offers superior comfort with the ergonomicall..

Bjorn 2-3 Days


Bjorn features a contoured back that makes the chair extremely comfortable and adapts to any environ..

Bob 2-3 Days


The design of Bob delivers an ultra-stylish and iconic frame that has proved itself..

Destination Bench 2-3 Days

Destination Bench

Destination is designed to bring innovation, maximise comfort and increase productivity at transport..

Haven 2-3 Days


Haven creates personal privacy within a busy environment. The cushion detailing is deliberately soft..

Jinx 2-3 Days


Jinx is a contemporary range of organically shaped soft seating that revolutionizes a low seat, whic..

Kind Beam 2-3 Days

Kind Beam

Kind beam systems offer a versatile solution for waiting areas, airport lounges and high-densit..

Mollie Collection 2-3 Days

Mollie Collection

Mollie is suited to hotel and restaurant dining, bars or corporate environments...