Soft Seating

Soft Seating

We offer soft seating for meetings to modular pieces that make the perfect breakout pod, the way we work is changing. Our collections bring people together to create collaborative, functional workplaces.

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Arny 2-3 Days


Arny from sixteen3 - Specialist Commercial Furniture. Arny the bold, comfortable sofa range wit..

Atelier 2-3 Days


Atelier from Dauphin HumanDesign - Bringing Ergonomics to Life. These comfortable, re..

Breathe 2-3 Days


Breathe from sixteen3 – Specialist Commercial Furniture. Good looks and unparalleled comfort ar..

Cake 2-3 Days


Cake from Hitch Mylius - British Designer of Contemporary Upholstered Furniture. Cake ..

Chicago 2-3 Days


Chicago from Nomique - Specialists in Office Ergonomics. The timeless linear design co..

Coco 2-3 Days


Coco from Nomique - Specialists in Office Ergonomics. The bold Coco soft seating collec..

Elegance Collection 2-3 Days

Elegance Collection

Elegance Collection from Torasen - Business Furniture Solutions. The simple crisp sty..

Evo Soft Seating 2-3 Days

Evo Soft Seating

Evo Soft Seating range from Elite Office Furniture - Adaptive Office Furniture, Workstations & ..

Fence Sofa 2-3 Days

Fence Sofa

Fence Sofa from Pledge Edge Design - Imaginative Designs.A wonderful seating system designed to ..

Fifteen Environments Diner 2-3 Days

Fifteen Environments Diner

Fifteen Environments Diner from Pledge Edge Design - Imaginative Designs.Fifteen is a range of ..

FourUs 2-3 Days


FourUs from Ocee Design - UK Manufacturer of Ergonomic Solutions. FourUs is a family ..

Lux - Soft Seating 2-3 Days

Lux - Soft Seating

Lux soft seating from Nomique - Specialists in Office Ergonomics. In the fast-paced w..

Mote 2-3 Days


Mote from The Senator Group - Business Furniture Solutions. Created as a complete lou..

Oasis Soft Architecture 2-3 Days

Oasis Soft Architecture

Oasis Soft Architecture - Frem Group - Contemporary and Bespoke Office Furniture. This..

Obris 2-3 Days


Obris from Allermuir - Modern Furniture Solutions. With inviting proportions, Obris is the perf..