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Flib from Nowy Styl Group – Comprehensive Furniture Solutions.


The Flib family of mobile, folding conference tables consists of tables available in 5 different shapes, as well as 2 tabletops serving as connectors for 90-degree angles. The quick enlargement of a conference space is possible thanks to the combination of rectangular and oval tabletops.

  • Full Range: Mobile Table (Rectangular Top), Mobile Table (Ellipse Top), Mobile Table (Rounded on one-side), Conference Table on Glides (Rounded on one-side), 90 Degree Linking Unit.
  • Functions: Hinged Tops, Table base, 90 Degree Linking Unit, Plastic Connectors for Table Tops.
  • Joining Tables: Tables can be easily mounted together by using special plastic connectors. In order to facilitate the joining of tables with the help of connectors, four additional metal elements are located on their surface, making it easy to fit the tabletop edges together.
  • Warranty: Products from the Nowy Styl offer are covered by a 5-year warranty period.

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