Our selection of tables helps people communicate and exchange ideas - support creative teamwork!

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Alto Bench 2-3 Days

Alto Bench

Alto Bench from Elite. With the increase of employers seeking a more diverse, inte..

Ambus - FlipTop Tables 2-3 Days

Ambus - FlipTop Tables

Ambus FlipTop Tables from Sven Christiansen. Tables with a flip top that may be e..

Ambus Meeting Table 2-3 Days

Ambus Meeting Table

Ambus Meeting Table from Sven Christiansen. Ambus off..

Axyl Table 2-3 Days

Axyl Table

Axyl Tables from Allermuir. Axyl tables are exceptionally robust for continued us..

Bae Table 2-3 Days

Bae Table

Bae Table from OrangeBox. Designed for eight to twenty people, BAE work tables are id..

FlipTop and Folding Table 2-3 Days

FlipTop and Folding Table

FlipTop and Folding Tables from Elite.A perfect solution to a changing environment or one with ..

Harmony 2-3 Days


Harmony from Elite.With the increase of employers seeking a more diverse, intelligent approach to de..

Hep 2-3 Days


Hep from OrangeBox.The launch collection of Network Landscapes includes four occasional table design..

Java 2-3 Days


Java from OrangeBox.Java is a café height rectangular table, comfortable for up to six people. ..

Jazz High Table 2-3 Days

Jazz High Table

Jazz High Table from Steelco.Jazz presents a high table with O-legs, ideally suited for leisure..

Lapwing 2-3 Days


Lapwing from OrangeBox.Lapwing is an elegant laptop or occasional table for workplace or hospit..

Library 2-3 Days


Library from OrangeBox. This table can be specified as a double bay unit for eight people, exte..

Loco Bench 2-3 Days

Loco Bench

Loco Bench from Elite.With the increase of employers seeking a more diverse, intelligent approach to..

Natta Collection 2-3 Days

Natta Collection

Natta Collection from Pledge.Natta offers a solution to a va..

Rendezvous Collection 2-3 Days

Rendezvous Collection

Rendezvous Collection from Pledge. A multi-functional ..