Privacy can be difficult to find in a modern open plan office. Our collection of booths allows complete flexibility in workplace design.

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Atelier 2-3 Days


Atelier from Dauphin HumanDesign. These comfortable, relaxing lounge elements captivate with t..

Atelier2 2-3 Days


Atelier2 from Dauphin HumanDesign.Atelier2 is a versatile soft seating collection that brings funct..

Away From The Desk 2-3 Days

Away From The Desk

Away from the Desk from OrangeBox. Away from the desk answers the need for more d..

Coppice 2-3 Days


Coppice from OrangeBox.Coppice is a stand-alone, single occupancy workbooth that provides a high lev..

Cwtch 2-3 Days


Cwtch from OrangeBox.Cwtch is a succinct sofa system available in low, mid and high back configurat..

Elegance Collection 2-3 Days

Elegance Collection

Elegance Collection from Torasen.The simple crisp styling of the high back Elegance sofa group has b..

Escape Pod 2-3 Days

Escape Pod

Escape Pod from The Meeting Pod Co. Escape pods provide connected segments to create a cir..

Evo 2-3 Days


Evo Soft Seating range from Elite.The Evo Soft Seating range combines style and comfo..

Fence Booth 2-3 Days

Fence Booth

Fench Booth from Pledge Edge Design.A wonderful seating system designed to provide the perfect solut..

Fence Sofa 2-3 Days

Fence Sofa

Fence – Sofa from Pledge Edge Design A wonderful seating system designed to provide the perfect..

Fifteen Environments Diner 2-3 Days

Fifteen Environments Diner

Fifteen Environments Diner from Pledge Edge Design.Fifteen is a range of modular flexible units..

Fifteen Environments Pods 2-3 Days

Fifteen Environments Pods

Fifteen Environments Pods from Pledge Edge Design.Fifteen is a range of modular flexible units ..

Focus Booth 2-3 Days

Focus Booth

Focus Booths from Torasen.Focus Booths provide a defined space for individual focused work and ..

FourUs 2-3 Days


FourUs from Ocee Design. FourUs is a family of upholstered, zoning solutions in linkable module..

Hangout Booth 2-3 Days

Hangout Booth

Hangout Booth from Elite.The concept of Hangout was developed to reflect the way in which ..