Pledge Edge Design

Pledge Edge Design

Edge Design boasts a total "in-house" production and design ethic with the entire product being produced on the premises. This "Made in Britain" ethos allows the company to produce new designs reducing the problems associated with compatibility, lead times, continuity and cost.

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Bjorn 2-3 Days


Bjorn from Pledge Edge Design. Bjorn features a contoured back that makes the chair e..

Cicero 2-3 Days


Cicero from Pledge Edge Design.Cicero the new “Collaborative Chair” from Edge Design, is the ev..

Fence Booth 2-3 Days

Fence Booth

Fench Booth from Pledge Edge Design.A wonderful seating system designed to provide the perfect solut..

Fence Sofa 2-3 Days

Fence Sofa

Fence – Sofa from Pledge Edge Design A wonderful seating system designed to provide the perfect..

Fifteen Environments Diner 2-3 Days

Fifteen Environments Diner

Fifteen Environments Diner from Pledge Edge Design.Fifteen is a range of modular flexible units..

Fifteen Environments Pods 2-3 Days

Fifteen Environments Pods

Fifteen Environments Pods from Pledge Edge Design.Fifteen is a range of modular flexible units ..

Fifteen Radial Collection 2-3 Days

Fifteen Radial Collection

Fifteen Radical Collection from Pledge Edge Design.Fifteen Radial units provide a unique option..

Kind Beam 2-3 Days

Kind Beam

Kind Beam from Pledge. Kind beam systems offer a versatile solution for waiting areas, air..

Kind Swivel 2-3 Days

Kind Swivel

Kind Swivel from Pledge Edge Design.The Kind swivel meeting chair has a four-star polished base and ..

Me, Myself and I 2-3 Days

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I from Pledge Edge Design. With the growth of open and breakout a..

Natta Collection 2-3 Days

Natta Collection

Natta Collection from Pledge.Natta offers a solution to a va..

Rendezvous Collection 2-3 Days

Rendezvous Collection

Rendezvous Collection from Pledge. A multi-functional ..