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The DEN Range from Ocee Design.


Den is a range of acoustic work areas created to make public spaces private. With eight different styles, numerous configurations and a full array of accessories, everyone has the opportunity to build their ideal Den. In any open plan work area there are times when you need to find your own space. The environment we work in has to facilitate both the privacy needed to concentrate and the space needed to collaborate.

  • Unique economical construction: Den’s unique junction system enables numerous configurations to be constructed with shared components, unlike other acoustic work systems which extend their configurations by placing stand-alone units back-to-back. Den’s modular design ensures an economical construction, which can be easily extended and reconfigured to suit your changing needs.
  • Acoustics: Den is an acoustically enhanced product designed to reduce noise and distractions. The acoustic performance of the panel construction has been independently tested in an acoustics research laboratory.
  • Finishes: A wide range of finishes enhances Den’s flexibility. Both plain and quilted fabrics are available with a silver or black trim line. Panels can be chosen in matching or contrasting fabrics depending on your design. The worktops are available in Maple, White, Cherry, Walnut and Oak with a matching edge or contrasting ply or black edge. A chunky 43mm worktop is offered along with a 25mm and a chamfered 12mm.
  • Customisable: The Den range includes; Den.Honeycomb, Den.Curve, Den.Zigzag, Den.Spoke, Den.Booth, Den.Cube, Den.Dining, Den.Panel.

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