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AllowMe 2-3 Days


AllowMeThe AllowMe Chair from Orangebox designed by Luke Palmer.Orangebox has never designed a chair..

Blue Finn 2-3 Days

Blue Finn

The Blue Finn chair is a highly stackable, multifunctional chair with a plastic seat and b..

Campers and Dens 2-3 Days

Campers and Dens

A unique, demountable system that can be moved, re-positioned or re-used to suit changing needs, Cam..

Coze 2-3 Days


Coze The Coze family offers a fresh take on key archetypes for a wide variety of office and hos..

Explorer 2-3 Days


Explorer is an elegant and stackable multipurpose chair, suitable for interior and exterior spaces. ..

Felt Fine 2-3 Days

Felt Fine

Felt Fine is a slender chair range with a seat shell made from recycled PET bottles.This slender sta..

Form 2-3 Days


Italian designed, Form’s smooth contour represents the balance of classic profiles with modern envir..

Freeway 2-3 Days


A range of desking that offers a simple yet practical working soluti..

Georgia 2-3 Days


The Georgia soft seating range has been designed to deliver a complete solution that offers space fo..

Hampton 2-3 Days


The design of Hampton presents an elegant and stylish multi-purpose chair, suitable for breakout spa..

Hektor 2-3 Days


Hektor is a unique seating range designed with nature and minimalism in mind. Its combination of raw..

Host Pods 2-3 Days

Host Pods

Host One and Two are exciting modular acoustic pods which have been newly added to our range, to enh..

Infinity Agile 2-3 Days

Infinity Agile

Within the Infinity range, three base options make it a suitable solution for agile environments, me..

Oases 2-3 Days


Oases presents an elegant collection of self-contained work zones for open-plan spaces. The upholste..

On the QT 2-3 Days

On the QT

On the QTA row of semi-private spaces against a wall can quickly provide privacy, without the need t..