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Chipper from Nomique - Specialists in Office Ergonomics.


Chipper is everything in one: stackable side chair, armchair, upholstered chair, rows of linked chairs… all whilst being 100% recyclable. Break Chipper down once warn after many years of service and recycle the individual parts.

Key information:

  • Long rows of fully upholstered chairs create a simple yet classy and comfortable solution for a large audience to enjoy any kind of cultural event.
  • Easily set up and re-arranged — Chipper is suitable for any kind of meeting scenario. Match colours and spec to meet your requirements.
  • As seating for an entire auditorium, classrooms or smaller teaching groups. Chipper easily adapts to any teaching scenario — set up or stacked for storage.
  • Take a break in a versatile seating landscape of Chipper chairs and bar stools. Due to its material, Chipper is easy to clean and therefore ideal for cafeteria environments.
  • The seat and back is plastic, with the frame finished in polished chrome.

Options and accessories:

  • An arm option is available for the chairs only (arms not available on the barstool).
  • Felt guides and linking glides accessories are available for the rod frame. These can be ordered as separate items and retrofitted.
  • Four legs, skid frame or bar stool on a four-leg frame.
  • Available in a wide range of fabrics.
  • Available with upholstered seat and back pads.

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