We are green. Are you?

Posted by Kate Whitebread 13/06/2019 0 Comment(s) DS Ergonomics News,

It is DS policy to conduct its business in a manner that minimises risk to the environment, its employees and members of the public in the company's daily operations, with all business conducted in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation. However, at DS we believe it is our responsibility to go above and beyond. Internally we have a number of initiatives that we implement to ensure green business all year round as well as the integration of the green initiatives that our business partners run, such as; Humanscale’s Declare labels (QuickStand Eco, Infinity, QuickStand Underdesk, Diffrient Smart), OrangeBox’s Remade programme, Flokk’s sustainability promise (the materials used on Flokk products are more than 95% recyclable), KI’s greenhouse emission reduction (18% year on year), Dauphin’s ‘take back’ program.



At DS we have always been highly conscious of the value of materials and the environmental impact they can have during their product lifecycle and after. With this being said it has always been, and remains, a key aim of DS to reduce the environmental impact by promoting/supplying products that have long life cycles as well as working with partners that value the importance of the production process and those that chose to manufacture in an ethical manner. Product longevity is a big aim of ours with the majority of the products we supply coming with a 10 year plus guarantee. However when these life cycles come to an end, what's next?


DS x Sustain:


DS works closely with The Senator Group to help provide the ‘Sustain’ programme which takes the responsibility of recycling out of the consumers hands and into ours. Sustain offers the complete service starting with; assessing the requirement, organising the removal, collecting the products, processing begins at the state of the art ‘Sustain’ facilities, and finally reporting and certifying the process. With landfill tax increasing on an annual basis the disposal of waste is going to cost even more in the future - with office furniture no exception. That’s why sustain is a perfect alternative to waste management - with the success determined from the amount of participation.


The current success of the programme is illustrated by these key stats from 2018:


Foam/fabric/leather: 53 tonnes

Metal: 690 tonnes

Cardboard and paper: 600 tonnes

Plastics: 210 tonnes

Wood recycled board: 1947 tonnes

Wood recycled biomass: 4469 tonnes


Recycling plastic feels fantastic!


It costs approximately the same to recycle an item of furniture as it does to simply dispose of it. So why not be green? To find out more about this service please contact a member of our team at DS - enquiries@ds-ergonomics.com