Level Lift

2-3 Days Level Lift
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  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Level Lift from Bene Office Furniture – A Diverse Furniture Collection.


Bene’s new electric height-adjustable desk not only adapts precisely to the user's height, it also makes it possible to work while sitting or standing and to switch between them at will. The Level Lift is suitable for environments where desk sharing is required or for employees who work primarily on the screen and want to change their posture spontaneously and frequently. A desk for companies that place great value on ergonomics and the health of their workforce. The Level Lift is available with a C or T leg base. There is also a great variety with the tabletops available - you can choose between rectangular, also with Soft Edge, and rounded on user side. The desk is progressively height adjustable from 64cm to 130cm, with the added feature of collision protection. The height adjustment of the table is changeable by means of a manual switch, with 3 different models to choose from.

  • Full range of table tops: Rectangular (RE), Combination desk (K1), Rectangular (RE) with Soft Edge, Angle desk (W3), User side rounded (NG).
  • Height Adjustment: The desks are adjustable from the lowest point of 64cm to the highest point 130cm.
  • Cable Management: The type of cable management is based on the column design. There are two basic systems; Two-part/three-part column with basic protection against the uncontrolled movement, 3-part column with increased protection against uncontrolled movement. With optional add ons: Cable tray, Cable gap, Cable outlet, Cable chain, Connection plug board holder.
  • Switch options: Manual switch light, Manual switch light BT, Manual switch premium BT.