Docklands Phone Booth

2-3 Days Docklands Phone Booth
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Docklands Phone Booth from Bene Office Furniture – A Diverse Furniture Collection.


The Docklands Phone Booth acts as a private retreat for telephone calls in open spaces - acoustically and visually shielded. The user of the Docklands Phone Booth enjoys a feeling of comfortable privacy conveyed by the upholstered walls, a space that blocks visual distractions and in which it is easier to concentrate. The Phone Booth has an elegant architectonic structure for open offices that enables employees to move away from their workplace, which they often share with several colleagues. It not only offers users a screened area; it also prevents others who may be working quietly nearby from being disrupted. The Phone Booth must be mounted to a building wall with the included wall-mounting bracket.

Docklands Phone Booth from Bene Office Furniture is part of our COVID-19 essentials range.

  • Configuration options: single-coloured, inside and outside colours different, inside single-coloured, outside multi-coloured, outside colour of the ring is the same as the inside colour.
  • Finish Options: Multiple options in Melamine and Veneer.
  • Accessories: The Docklands Phone Booth can be equipped with a storage shelf – made ​​of shaped plywood with a veneered or a varnished surface – or with a standing support bar.
  • Ecological Standards: 99% recyclable, 83.5% renewable raw materials, resource-conserving product design, use of materials tested for presence of hazardous substances.
  • Sound absorption: Absorption class = C.



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