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BE Safety Screens from Bakker Elkhuizen - Ergonomic Specialists.


BE Safety Screens are a creation to meet the demands of the post COVID office space. The BE Safety Screens are a solution that creates a safe and healthy working environment that is aesthetically pleasing, hygienic, affordable, sustainable and circular. The Back Panel is made of 100% PET felt, a material made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The screen can be completely closed or include acrylic windows to let in light and provide visibility around the office. This pane is removable, making it easy to clean.

BE Safety Screes from Bakker Elkhuizen are part of our COVID-19 essentials.

  • Full Range: U-Shape panels, Back panels, and Side panels.
  • Safety first: With the BE Safety Screens you create a safe and healthy working environment in every office.
  • Sustainability: These panels are made of 100% recycled material.
  • Improved privacy: Because PET felt is a solid material, users have more privacy. If desired, screens are also available with transparent, acrylic windows for increased interaction with colleagues.
  • Absorbing noise: PET is excellent at reducing noise pollution with it a common among most acoustic solutions in the industry.
  • Cable management: The BE Safety Screens include a brush-opening at the bottom of the back so that you can easily organise of all your cables and accommodate a monitor arm.
  • Easy installation: The BE Safety Screens are easy to unfold and place on the desk. With easy to use clamps these panels stay neatly in place.
  • Easy to clean: PET Felt is highly resistant to chemicals and can be easily cleaned with water or alcohol-based products, just like acrylic.

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