Pedal activated sanitiser dispenser

2-3 Days Pedal activated sanitiser dispenser
  • Product Code: Pedal activated sanitiser dispenser
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Pedal activated sanitiser dispenser from Arrow Group - Making Offices Make Sense.


This unique dispenser design allows application of hand sanitiser without the risk of cross-contamination through direct contact with hands. The sturdy pillar is completely freestanding and can be easily installed anywhere - either indoors or outdoors beside a building entrance. The robust base has been designed to be secured to the ground if required to avoid vandalism, plus the smart dispenser design makes refilling easy but keeps the sanitiser from being tampered with.


The Pedal activated sanitiser dispenser from Arrow Group is part of our COVID-19 essentials range.

  • 100% mechanical: No mains power or batteries required.
  • No direct contact with hands: Pedal operation avoids hands becoming contaminated.
  • Freestanding: no installation required.
  • Bases: Heavy-duty reinforced polyamide plate, Heavy-duty plastic base can be filled with sand, concrete or water for extra stability.
  • Design: Vandal-proof design adapts to any bottles with a 60mm pump dispenser top.

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