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Array – The Senator Group - Business Furniture Solutions.


In a world where everyone and everything needs to be multi-functional, The Senator Group designed Array their latest addition to their award-winning desking range. The modern landscape of working has seen an increase in multi-use spaces where people often work, meet and collaborate all in the same location. Array has been designed with these multiple audiences in mind. Whether you’re conferencing or training, Array is adapted so you can think, learn and work with ease.

  • Versatility: with its fliptop surface the Array is totally adaptable to any workspace environment.
  • Storage: requires little storage space with the ability to fold and mounted on study castors it can easily be moved around.
  • Connectivity: built-in power connectivity, gas-powered flip mechanism and easily accessible cable management system, so your technology can come with you.
  • Customisable: available in two different base styles and six different shapes.
  • Trusted Design: winner of the Best of NeoCon Silver award.