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The AllowMe Chair from Orangebox designed by Luke Palmer.

Orangebox has never designed a chair with more adaptability. AllowMe seamlessly handles the ever-expanding range of flexible working conditions that improver wellness and productivity in today's workplace with just one use control - height adjustment. They are the perfect fit for standard executive conference rooms since they can switch beween sit/stand work and elevated counter-height work. They can be modified for typical 740mm desk work.

  • AllowMe chair now consists of only 22 individual parts. The chair's movement comes from the helix backrest and the designed flexibility in the front of the seat doing away with heavy mechanisms on more traditional seating solutions with light grey mesh and fixed arms.
  • With one manual control in the form of height adjustment the quest in partnership with Orangebox was also to promote better posture and comfort in a variety of typical settings from casual reclined collaborative sitting.

The AllowMe family consists of 4 variants:

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