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Addit Bento from DataFlex – Design for a Healthy Workplace.


The Addit Bento product series is a family of desktop accessories that are designed for the way we work today. They help transform your workspace into an organised, practical and comfortable workstation whether it be for your office or your home.

Addit Bento from DataFlex is part of our COVID-19 essentials range.

  • Full Range: Addit Bento ergonomic toolbox, Addit Bento monitor riser, Addit Bento monitor riser (adjustable), Addit Bento Ergonomic desk set.
  • Colour Options: Good Morning White and Nice Evening Black.
  • Flexibility: Addit Bento range enables users to store and move around their tools and personal items.
  • Suitability: Perfect for those in a shared-desk environment.