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Choice 2-3 Days


CHOICE - modular storage system for a modern and organi..

Easy 2-3 Days


EASY – electric height adjustable desks with a set of capabili..

Fairway Collection 2-3 Days

Fairway Collection

A modern task chair range with class in mind. Medium, high or extra high back optionsThe medium..

Haddon Collection 2-3 Days

Haddon Collection

A range of mesh back seating to suit most applications...

Jazz Cabinets 2-3 Days

Jazz Cabinets

JAZZ cabinets can be characterized by their horizontal lines, creating an informal and relaxing atm..

Jazz High Table 2-3 Days

Jazz High Table

JAZZ presents a high table with O-legs, ideally suited for leisure or short meeting areas...

Kirby Collection 2-3 Days

Kirby Collection

A cost sensitive contract range of seating to suit most app..

Light 2-3 Days


LIGHT cabinets provide personal space, liven up the office a..

Motion 2-3 Days


MOTION - electric height adjustable desking system for more dynamic and healthy work style.MOTION ..

Nova High 2-3 Days

Nova High

Designed for leisure or short meeting areas, high table wit..

Nova Wood 2-3 Days

Nova Wood

NOVA Wood is a desking system that gives your office a..

Nova Wood High 2-3 Days

Nova Wood High

Nova Wood is a desking system that gives your office a sense..

One 2-3 Days


ONE height adjustable desks to create the best workplace for yourself and others. ..