2-3 Days NookPod
  • Product Code: NookPod
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Nook is a mobile modular huddle pod, designed to increase personal wellbeing, as well as efficiency & flexibility of space while also creating greater engagement between people. Nooksters benefit from increased productivity through better focus; experience more effective phone & Skype calls, and hold more powerful small meetings.

Features include:

  • Wheels for high mobility & flexibility
  • Spacious seats and a generous table
  • Mains powers and USB sockets
  • Lighting above and at table level
  • Convenient shelf for devices and arms
  • Create private and collaboration spaces easily:  Nook can be sat-inside, sat ‘at’ by pulling up an additional chair or stool, or stood at and leaned on from the rear. Such flexibility invites a variety of uses and creates an enthusiasm to explore and a satisfaction to participate in.
  • Fit more into a small space or use a large open space better: A nook integrates and works with the space around it. Find them in corridors as a way to make that otherwise lost space functional. Place them facing a wall to create secluded environments for phone calls, contemplation or focused work.
  • Create ‘water-cooler moment’ opportunities: Placing a nook at the end of a row of desks offers a natural location when two people wish to sit and share, meet, discuss and connect. Opening the shutters from this set-up enables short-term communication to those around and invites passers-by to ‘drop-in’ and get involved.
  • Separate meeting spaces with four nooks: Arranged to make two meeting spaces for 4-6 people each.
  • Create a mix of secluded and open spaces with six nooks: Catering for narrow focus activities and broad focus collaborative activities, welcoming connections and interaction. Such an arrangement solves the age-old issue of disturbance, intentional or environmental.