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Allora 2-3 Days


Outgoing and sociable – that’s the personality of the Allor..

Atelier 2-3 Days


These comfortable, relaxing lounge elements captivate with their timeless, classic design. Anyone w..

Dat-O 2-3 Days


Bring a breath of fresh air to your life, but without sacrificing transparency in your everyday off..

Kick Off 2-3 Days

Kick Off

Ergonomically state of the art, Kick-off is extremely easy to use thanks to automatic or individual ..

Lordo Flex 2-3 Days

Lordo Flex

Lordo flex features an elastic mesh fabric mounted on a height adjustable backrest which pivots at t..

Signo 2-3 Days


The styling of the slender backrest instantly signifies maximum ergonomic comfo..

Speed-O 2-3 Days


The perfect, comfortable allrounder to meet all demands thanks to the Synchro-Relax-Automatic. Autom..

Stilo 2-3 Days


While looking for the perfect office equipment the Stilo ra..

X-Code 2-3 Days


Building on Dauphin's history of design-driven innovation in se..