Treat Your Spine - Corrigo Chair

We all spend time each and every day sitting down at work, at home, in the pub - and generally we slouch!

Simply put - everyone should invest in a good chair, one that can be adjusted perfectly to suit your own individual needs, and Corrigo have just that... So if you have back pain now or want to avoid it in the future - read on...

Features and Benefits of Corrigo Chair

  • Promotes a healthy posture and freedom of movement
  • Custom-made sizes, recognising and embracing individuality
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Virtually 100% recyclable, with much of the chair made from recycled parts
  • Narrow backrest designed around the shape of the spine
    • supports between the shoulder blades, encouraging you to sit upright rather than slouch
    • fully adjustable cradle for both Sacrum and Lumbar areas
    • allows freedom of movement
  • Armrests shaped around the body, alleviating the body of weight and tension
  • Free-float backrest tilt
    • Promotes movement
    • Allows user to relax
  • Raises productivity levels
    • Promotes an upright posture
    • Raises oxygen levels
  • Recommended by Physiotherapists and other Back Care Specialists
    • To reduce and prevent back pain

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